About Kitchen Charm

Kitchen CharmA healthy, delicious, and nutritious dinner starts with Kitchen Charm. Our premium line of cookware sets and accessories, cutlery, casual china, flatware, and glassware makes being the chef you’ve always dreamed of a reality.

Kitchen Charm was founded more than three decades ago and has since helped thousands of newlyweds and home cooks step up their kitchen games by offering innovative cooking solutions. Kitchen Charm is committed to helping people of all culinary skills improve their overall health and nutrition by offering delicious and adventurous recipes, kitchen tips, and chef forums. We understand that food is what brings people together and our goal is to help you make a lifetime of memories starting in the kitchen.

As Canada’s premier purveyor of waterless cookware, Kitchen Charm is on a mission to start a home cooking revolution. Food cooked at home is typically more nutritious than dining out and can be customized to your family’s desired portion sizes and flavor preferences. We offer an extensive catalogue of easy recipes that can be tailored to all skill levels and sized up or down for intimate occasions or large social gatherings.

More than just cookware, Kitchen Charm offers an extensive lineup of kitchen accessories, including sugar and cream sets, serving utensils, mixing bowls, coffee presses, and a space-saving induction cooktop. Additionally, Kitchen Charm is the exclusive provider of the maXtractorTM juicing system and the FrescapureTM line of premium water filtration appliances.

Caring for Kitchen Charm cookware is easy and requires little more than warm and soapy water. To avoid unsightly stains, Kitchen Charm cookware should be washed and dried thoroughly after each use. Inexpensive stainless steel cleaners may be used to remove burnt-on stains.

Kitchen Charm cookware is an exceptional gift for young couples starting out, as the products will provide a lifetime of use. New parents can also benefit greatly from Kitchen Charm’s virtually oil-free cooking surfaces to prepare homemade baby food that is free of chemical preservatives, added salt, and excess fat. Seasoned chefs will love Kitchen Charm for its visual appeal and long-lasting quality.

More than just a company, Kitchen Charm is a community brand dedicated to helping stamp out world hunger through its support of Feed the Children. Kitchen Charm is additionally a proud sponsor of the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team and an active member of the Better Business Bureau. We attend hundreds of community events every year and are always available to answer your questions about healthy living.